Agrotop Holding

Bringing agricultural products from one of the purest corners of the planet to the world.


The beginnings of Agrotop are dated back to the 60’s, when a group of farmers from the Araucania Region formed a Seed Producer Cooperative called CAPROSEM. During 1981 the Cooperative turned into a Limited Liability Company under the name SAPROSEM LLC. In 2000, SAPROSEM became a Public Limited Company, becoming a seed and grain supplier focused on the industrial value chain, with one branch in Temuco, devoted to selling seeds and fertilizers to 160 customers. Over the years, Saprosem stepped up to bill 1.5 million to 24 million dollars and to a portfolio of 1600 clients. Meanwhile, at the end of 2002, as part of the comprehensive solutions that Saprosem S.A. gives to its suppliers, GRANOTOP S.A. was born to provide purchasing power, standardization and storing facilities for wheat. Thus, farmers complete their cycle by obtaining technical assistance, adequate inputs to the planting area, optimal genetics, standardization and marketing channels. During 2007, GRANOTOP S.A. billed 5 million dollars and by 2010 this figure had almost two-folded.

Oleotop S.A. was created in 2005 with the aim and conviction to continue growing and contributing to the development of the region and the country. The company is devoted to the production and commercialization of Raps-Canola oil for human and animal consumption. The Industrial Plant was built with the highest international standards and modern technology. In 2016, the new Solvent Extraction Plant was launched, the first and only in Chile, which generates canola rape oil and high protein rape bran. Nowadays, Oleotop is the main oil producer plant in Chile, hiring 45% of the rap planting area in the country with storage and processing capacity for more than 150.000 tons of raps. By the year 2016, Oleotop has reached a turnover of 40 million dollars, and the 2017 sales forecast is over $82 million dollars.



Avenatop S.A., the most modern oat processing plant in the country, was created in 2007, after visualizing a great opportunity in the growing global market for healthy food. As part of the Agrotop Companies group, this unit's value chain ranges from seed distribution and technical assistance for farmers to storage, processing and marketing of groats, flakes and oatmeal to more than 12 countries in 3 continents. Avenatop has grown exponentially, going from producing 10 thousand tons in 2009, to more than 65 thousand tons at present, reaching a turnover of 44 million dollars in the last annual period. This is how Agrotop holding company has consolidated its leadership, reaching a vast presence in the south of Chile, with branches in the VIII, IX and X regions. The human capital that makes up the AGROTOP family increases every day, giving direct and indirect work to more than a hundred people.